Internet Security Market: Cyber security is leading the market at high CAGR by 2021

Internet of Things and Big Data are two latest buzzes on everybody’s lips today. There is no looking back in these two concepts and with their growth automatically tag along a high rates of risks factors for the safety of information. Data protection has obviously been important since ever but with advancing technology and increasing virus attacks or hacking actions, the need for developing best antivirus has become important. Here arose the internet security market. Having entered the market quite a time ago, antivirus has now become a compulsory factor for ensuring internet protection. Established companies as well as growing firms are increasingly investing into R&D purposes to develop quality online security to consumers. While there are many notable antiviruses, players aim at producing top antivirus with exceptional features and best internet security.

With a huge number of application end users, demand and supply of internet security antivirus is only seen to be growing. Banking, insurance & financial services, IT, transportation, telecommunication, and defence and research institutes, have become the prime targets of the cyber-attacks; these have an urgent need to be safeguarded. Internet security solutions protect business operations and ensure right execution of operations and prevent possible damage and loss. The main objective of Internet security solutions is to protect the systems and networks against cyber-attacks.

The global internet security market growth is driven by several factors, such as cloud-based business operations, increase in the number of online financial transactions, and growing use of Internet due to wireless availability and enhanced connectivity.

Segmentation Brief of Internet Security Market:

IndustryARC has studied the Internet Security Market in depth and classified it into 6 huge types with numerous sub segments. All the main classifieds and sub-types are studied in depth and included in this research report.

  1. By Products & Services: Hardware, Software and Services.
  2. By Technology: Authentication, Content Filtering and Cryptography.
  3. By Security: Endpoint Security, Application Security, Content Security, Cloud Security, Wireless Security and Network Security.
  4. By Industry: BFSI, Retail, IT & Telecommunications, Government, Manufacturing, Education, Aerospace, Defence & Intelligence and Others.
  5. By Application: Firewall, Antivirus And Antimalware, Intrusion Detection System, Security And Vulnerability Management and Disaster Recovery and Others.
  6. By Geography: North America, Europe, APAC and ROW.

Short Note on Leading Players of Internet Security Market:

Among the 40+ companies analyzed by IndustryARC on Internet Security Market, few prominent ones are:

  • Cisco
  • Google Incorporation
  • Guardian AntiVirus
  • Bitdefender

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