Acetonitrile Market Analysis: Pharmaceutical Companies are the major end-user industries by 2021

The acetonitrile market deals with the manufacture and distribution of acetonitrile. Acetonitrile is a chemical compound which is colourless in nature. It has been classified as the simplest form of an organic nitrile and is also known as methyl cyanide or cyanomethane.

The most viable acetonitrile manufacturing process is almost accidental. Acetonitrile comes up as a by-product during the manufacture of acrylonitrile. The Acetonitrile Market has been trying to come up with an alternative acetonitrile manufacturing process. But none of the processes discovered so far are commercially viable.

The Acetonitrile Market is heavily depended on the pharmaceutical industry for revenue. It is a crucial component during the synthesis medical treatments and vitamins. It is also popularly used as a photographic film and HPLC solvent. High-performance liquid chromatography or HPLC solvents are used during manufacture of pharmaceuticals, drug testing for competitive athletes and for the synthesis of new chemicals.

But the Acetonitrile Market also faces several obstacles. A majority of the acetonitrile manufacturers are based in China and India. Hence, its production is dependent on the whims of those governments. During the latter part of 2008, the government of China shut down the operations of many acetonitrile manufacturers due to the staging of the Olympics. This led to a shortfall in the global acetonitrile production. The Acetonitrile Market had to suffer significant shortages till the early part of 2009.

Another big obstacle for the Acetonitrile Market is the acetonitrile price. As it cannot be manufactured directly, the cost of it being a by-product during the manufacture of acrylonitrile is high. Hence, acetonitrile manufacturers cannot supply the chemical compound in large quantities. The nature of supply and demand suggests that the acetonitrile price will continue to remain very high for the foreseeable future.

Such a high price has forced pharmaceutical companies to consider cheaper alternatives. They want a compound which functions similarly, but is available at a lower cost and at larger quantities. And a few solvents have been able to replace their needs from the Acetonitrile Market. Unless the global Acetonitrile Market can come up with a viable acetonitrile manufacturing process, its growth will be stunted.

India and China constitute two-fifths of the global population. Hence, the Acetonitrile Market is keen to satisfy the demand for generic drugs in those markets. The two Asian countries are also expected to increase acetonitrile exports to the rest of the world. Apart from the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Europe are also expected to be major consumers of the Acetonitrile Market until at least 2021.

Some of the key players involved in the global Acetonitrile Market are as follows:

  • Mission Pharmacal Company
  • Shangrao Newfuture Environment Technology
  • Asahi Kasei
  • BP Chemicals
  • CNPC Jilin Chemical Group


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