Ammonium Sulfate Market: wide range of application in agrochemicals and pharmaceutical industries

The Ammonium Sulfate Market deals with the commercial uses of ammonium sulfate across the globe. This particular type of sulfate is classified as an inorganic salt which contains a very high sulfur and nitrogen content. The Ammonium Sulfate Market manufactures it in commercially viable method by adding sulfuric acid to ammonia. When required as a solution, ammonium carbonate is treated with gypsum.

The nature of this salt is such that the Ammonium Sulfate Market supplies it to a variety of industries for diverse usage. Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is one of the most popular types of fertilizer used across the globe. It is especially useful for alkaline soil rather than acidic soil. The alkaline soil benefits due to the release of the ammonium ion and lowering of the soil pH. On the other hand, if acidic soil is treated with the ammonium sulfate fertilizer, the soil pH is bound to get more acidic and end up being harmful for the crops.

Another big consumer for the Ammonium Sulfate Market is the food additives industry. During the last few years, the additive manufacturing companies heaved a huge sigh of relief as the U.S and European Union deemed ammonium sulfate to be globally safe for consumption. For a long time, the additive manufacturing companies where at a crossroads whether ammonium sulfate would get the green light or not. Its benefits were obvious. Ammonium sulfate was excellent when used for the regulation of acidity in various flours and breads. In contrast to the agriculture industry, the Ammonium Sulfate Market is only set to increase its market share in the food and beverages industry.

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At a global level, Asia dominates the Ammonium Sulfate Market share. This dominance is only set to continue till at least 2021. This dominance will be partly driven by a necessity for a capable nitrogen fertilizer by the agriculture sectors. The North American and European markets are set to follow closely behind in second and third place respectively.

On the other hand, the Ammonium Sulfate Market seems to lose on few opportunities in the agriculture segment as compared to a much popular alternative- ammonium nitrate which contains a higher level of nitrogen content. This leads to increased transportation costs of ammonium sulfate. This factor has been acting as a market restraint but can be curbed with healthy investments.

Some of the key players in the global Ammonium Sulfate Market are as follows:

  • Lanxess
  • Sumitomo Chemical
  • Amresco Inc.
  • GFS Chemicals Inc.
  • Honeywell


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