Acidity Regulator Market growth is expected to reach $6 billion at high CAGR by 2021.

The Acidity Regulator Market is involved in the manufacture and distribution of pH control agents. These agents are a type of food additive which are combined to regulate or maintain pH levels. In other words, they help control the acidity within food recipes which are ready to be consumed by the general public.

This is possible for the Acidity Regulator Market through stabilization of pH levels in the form of an internal reaction between the food recipes and the acidity regulator. The purpose of a food additive is not only to stabilize the pH levels, but it also can be used to add taste to the food product. Common food additives are added to produce either a bland or a very sharp taste. The extent or sharpness of the taste depends on the type of food additive used.

The Acidity Regulator Market can choose to source common food additives naturally or it can synthesize them in a laboratory. Yet another segment within the Acidity Regulator Market are the chemical food preservatives. As the name suggests, chemical food preservatives help in extending the shelf life of vegetables as well as fruits significantly.

Considering the scope and diverse ways in which common food additives can be used, the Acidity Regulator Market is faced with a constant rise in demand from around the world. The demand is primarily to modify the taste of food recipes and to extend their expiry date. Global trade is such that yogurt made in Greece is transported all the way to Australia for sale. Hence, chemical food preservatives play a vital role in the growth of the Acidity Regulator Market.

The presence of citric acid is vital for the Acidity Regulator Market as it constitutes the most important chemical which drives growth. Earlier, citric acid was exclusively used for various food recipes. But now, even a non-alcoholic beverage drink is bound to contain it. Due to this relatively new development, China and India have seen a significant rise in demand for any non-alcoholic beverage drink. One potential problem holding back the Acidity Regulator Market is the fact that some manufacturers are adding preservatives to food in an unregulated fashion. This could lead to health problems on a massive-scale.

China and India will end up being the biggest drivers of growth for the Acidity Regulator Market till at least 2021 according to forecasts. The segment for processed food is expected to be the biggest beneficiary. By 2021, the revenue of the Acidity Regulator Market is expected to be around $6 billion and several Chinese manufacturers might transform into leading players within the Acidity Regulator Market.

Some of the key players in the global Acidity Regulator Market are as follows:

  • DuPont De Nemours
  • Corbion N.V.
  • Kerry Group
  • Chemelco International
  • Fuerst Day Lawson


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