Californium Market: set to drive high revenue globally

The californium belongs to the actinide series in the periodic table and it is rare element with high radioactivity. Californium is used in radioactive centers to start the nuclear reactors and can be used for cancer treatment in healthcare industry. There is high scope for the Californium Market in various regions across the globe during 2016-2021.

Scope and Regional Forecast of the Californium Market:

According to the IndustryARC research analysis studies on the Californium Market, californium price is expected to rise with growing demand of this element. Companies are anticipated to invest for safe storage of californium and radioactive waste disposal for environmental safety.

North America is the leading region in the Californium Market with the US leading the charge for use and development of its applications suggest IndustryARC analysis. Many medical corporations are investing for use of californium for cancer treatment during 2016-2021.

Europe is the fastest growing region in the Californium Market with high investment by companies and increasing research and development during 2016-2021. Asia Pacific is expected to witness high growth with increasing use of nuclear reactors by 2021.

The Californium Market is a high potential market with many californium 252 uses for different applications in end user sectors such as research and development, nuclear power generation and others in various regions across the globe during 2016-2021. This market is anticipated to have high growth owing to the rising expenditure for nuclear waste disposal of radioactive waste generated by californium, growth in demand for californium source and californium metal with increasing californium cost with rising applications in healthcare and nuclear power industries in various regions across the globe during 2016-2021.

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Segmentation and Key Players of the Californium Market:

The Californium Market is segmented into various categories in the IndustryARC marketing research report by application and by geography as follows:

By application: Nuclear Reactors, Research and Development, Healthcare, Exploration of groundwater sources and others

By geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

The key players in the Californium Market according to the IndustryARC research report are as follows:

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S.)
  • Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (Russia)

There is high expenditure for development of methods for use of californium in power generation, research and healthcare industry and for safe disposal of radioactive waste by governmental agencies in various regions across the globe during 2016-2021.


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