Polyamide-imide Resins Market to Grow at a CAGR of 4.32% by 2021

The Polyamide-imide Resins Market deals with the development, manufacture and distribution of polyamide imide resin material all over the world. Polyamide imide resin material can be described as thermoplastics polymers of an amorphous nature. An exceptional ability to resist mechanical and thermal energy (up to 270 °C) are some of polyamide imide properties. But one of the standout polyamide imide properties is its broad resistance to chemicals.

Over the years, the Polyamide-imide Resins Market has been able to process polyamide plastic and other polyamide material into a great variety of forms. Polyamide manufacturers have been able to transform polyamide imide resin material into coatings, adhesives, compression molded parts, etc. The products made from manipulation of polyamide material can be further enhanced by making them undergo a process of thermal cure.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Polyamide-imide Resins Market

The Polyamide-imide Resins Market has ensured that the exceptional levels of polyamide chemical resistance to lubricants, solvents, etc., has led to the adoption of polyamide plastic and other finished products in the automotive as well as aircraft sectors on a large-scale level. Polyamide manufacturers have also witnessed a growth in demand for manufacturing in the electrical, protective clothing and electronics industries due to its superior insulations properties to electricity.

The lightweight properties developed by the Polyamide-imide Resins Market has led to an increase in demand for various applications which revolve around molding. A transition from metallic seals or bearings to polyamide imide resin fuelled steel cages, nylon, aluminum, etc., is further good news for polyamide suppliers.

The Polyamide-imide Resins Market has witnessed Asia-Pacific dominate the production levels which stood at 16 kilotons in 2015. Asia-Pacific is followed by North America while Europe has been predicted to be the slowest growing region till 2021.

More Info @ http://industryarc.com/Report/15881/polyamide-imide-resins-market.html


Segmentations & Key Players involved in the Polyamide-imide Resins Market

According to IndustryARC findings, the Polyamide-imide Resins Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of –

Preparation: Acid Chloride Route, Diisocyanate Route and Others.

The diisocyanate route is widely expected to hold the highest market share while exhibiting a growth of 4.78% CAGR during the period 2016-2021. On the other hand, the acid chloride route is expected to grow at 4.05% CAGR till 2021.

Coating Application: High Temperature Coatings, Wire Enamel Coatings, Non-stick Coatings, Decorative Coatings, Corrosion Resistant Coatings and Others.

End-User Industry: Architectural, Automotive, Food Packaging, Industrial, Paper and Pulp, Marine, Wood and Others.

Some of the key players involved in the Polyamide-imide Resins Market according to IndustryARC are as follows:

  • Innotek Technology (China) Ltd.
  • Axalta Coating Systems, LLC
  • Nuplex Resins, LLC
  • Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
  • Drake Plastics Ltd. Co

Avail Sample Brochure @ http://industryarc.com/pdfdownload.php?id=15881


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